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Mark and Wanda Dodd



David Wigdahl







Babbitt Golf Course

Sue and Duane Grage

Paul and Alexis Leitgeb

Joseph and Caroline Owens


Bonnie and Glenn Oren

William and Shirley Spitler

Matt Smrekar

David and Janessa LaCombe

Dr. John Musich

Sandy Wognum

Serena’s Carpets

Susan Tuomela

Mark and Sarah Sponholz

The Wolfe Family

Jo Langan

Bryon and Alice Moren


Target- Virginia, Minn.


Debra Erzar

Mary Crottier

Elton and Emily Brown

Aleksy Perry and Brandy Waterbury









Ely Public Schools Maintenance Crew















Ely Chamber of Commerce
Heidi Pinkerton
Musical Theatre International
Educational Theater Association
Robert Gough, stage technician and magician
Karen McManus
Greg Mann
Northeast Range Iron Mosquitos
Northeast Range/Ely Nighthawks
Amy Vesel
Rachel & Xavier Hansen Rouse
Mayor Heidi Omerza
Princess, Kula, Emily, and Court at Norcostco
Dr. Stephen and Cindy Park
Dr. Catherine Helm-Clark
Sean Clark
Sandy Wognum
Carolyn Meier
Keiko Williams
Laurie Kess
Linda Schornhorst
Jane Clements
Jess Edberg
Morgan Sauls and Paul Zollinger
Tammy Johnson
Paula Jonas
Deb Cherne
Pat Stock
Tammy Johnson
Joanne Briggs
Les Parson



Arrowhead Outfitters
Dan’s Garage
Ely Area Credit Union
Ely Dairy Queen
Ely Echo
Ely Family Dental
Ely Rotary
Ely Vet Clinic
Eric St. Martin
Grand Ely Lodge

Lake Country Anesthesia
Mather Recycling

Mike and Billie Rouse
Northshore Mining
R and R Transfer
Spirit of the Wilderness
Steger Mukluks
Zup’s Grocery Store