Make-Up Note From Cathe

A Note from Cathe! (our costumer)
I am requesting that the students come to their Sunday rehearsals with basic make-up on (self administered) so that I can help you problem solve so that by showtime, you will be comfortable and efficient at applying your own makeup. Here is an instructional video that might help:

Below, you will find a few suggestions and recomendations:

As per the video you can purchase most everything at the Dollar Store (in town option)  or Target or WalMart.
> -You will need a foundation. The video stated to choose a color close to the color of the skin on the inside of your wrist. Do not go lighter nor much darker.
> -You will need a contour kit (should have a light and dark brown) for shading and shadows and lighter colors for highlights.
> -You will also need a blush. Not too bold but this gives the face some color.
> -You will need eyeshadow. The video spoke against this for males. I think this is a preference. This is also pretty neutral colors. One lighter and one a little darker.
> -You will need an eyebrow pencil or you can use the darker brown shade in your contour set.
> -You will need an eyeliner, some like solid like a pencil and others prefer liquid.
> -You will need lipstick. Do not go lighter than your lip color. Do not go too bold and bright.
> -Mascara is essential. The only thing that they said was to go somewhere and purchase good mascara. I spoke wrong on Sunday, males will also need mascara.
> – Dusting powder (a translucent powder) which sets the makeup.
> – a set of good brushes make the process easier. You can use Q-tips for some things but brushes make it much easier.
> – get some disposable foam applicators for applying foundation.
> – get some make-up removal pads or make-up removal liquid with cotton pads.
> Thank you.
> Cathe Gucciardo
> costumer for ‘Frozen’ in Ely